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Art Mueller

Art’s rich tones can be heard most often chatting with local callers middays on the WICH Potpourri talk show when Stu Bryer is away.   He grew up mostly in the Western Massachusetts town of Granby.   Art travelled to many foreign ports while serving in the Navy during the Vietnam era.  His diverse background includes finance and project management.   Art knows a lot about operating a nuclear power plant, too.    How did he end up in radio for the past 22 years?   At one point, Art was chauffeuring people from Boston to Stonington when he kept getting compliments about his voice and was constantly told he should put it to use on the air.   Finally, he relented and took the plunge.

Involvement in his Norwich community has been an important and fun part of Art’s life.   He works in a position known as a translator at the Leffingwell Museum, has been known to use his historical reenacting ability to play Norwich’s Benedict Arnold and is an active member of the local Lions Club.